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Chiller service and maintenance Semarang

Many commercial buildings depend upon chilled waterair conditioning systems and heat pumps to maintain stable workplace and server room temperatures. Manufacturing and industrial processing can be equally dependent on water chillers for cooling production machinery or the manufactured product. A rise in chilled water temperature due to chiller failure generally results in a major business interruption cost, on top of the cost of chiller repair FGAS  legislation must now be considered by the chiller operator and failure to comply with this can result in financial penalties. To offset both risks and costs, partner with a REFCOMaccredited water chiller specialist who can provide expert chiller maintenance while also assisting with current legislation Coolmation Service Ltd (Service4Chillers) was one of the first company's in the UK to gain REFCOM ELITE accreditation, we are an independent chiller service and maintenance organisation and our experience and skill level qualifies